Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Month Check - Up

The girls had their one month appointment on Friday. They are doing great! They're both around 7lbs., now. The doctor was impressed that they are breastfed. She said I must be making heavy cream - too funny! The green poop is normal according to her. We're keeping an eye on the reflux. Sleeping in the bouncy seat or swing is fine until they are three months. If we are still having issues and they are uncomfortable to be oin their backs in the crib then we may consider meds for the reflux. The girls are starting to stretch out their feedings to three hours during the day and night. Sometimes at night they have even almost made it four hours - Woo hoo!! So things are looking up. And it's a good thing, as my husband says, our day of reckoning is coming soon. My Aunt is here next week. My mom for the week after then we're on our own except for a weekly visit from my mom and our family friend, Ms. Ann. It's amazing how fast the six weeks goes!

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