Sunday, July 27, 2008

On My Own

So I'm starting to think about how things are going to be when I am all by myself with the three kiddos. I still have help for the next three weeks since I have to wait to take the stairs frequently, and not do any heavy lifting. I plan to practice doing things on my own the last week when my mom is here. It should be very interesting as my son is really exhibiting two year old behavior these days! He is all about doing things on his own, and has started to throw more tantrums when he can't have his way. I'm hoping some of his less than enjoyable behavior is from lack of "mommy and me time". We are going to take music class again in the fall while someone stays with the girls so that should help a little. It will definately be a circus here much of the time!

Mystery Solved?

Well, we've had a couple of better nights here, thanks to the use of carseats. I have tried putting the girls in their carseats or bouncy seats. Seems to make them more comfortable. I'm thinking they have reflux. The doctor said to keep an eye on it. Ciara has started to spit up after eating and they both seem to fuss or scream after eating when they are laid flat. I have actually had a couple of nights with an hour or two stretch of sleep. They've even gone three to four hours between a couple of feedings! It's not super consistent on the sleep side of things but not having them crying most of the night and sleeping even a little has been wonderful! They have their one month check on Friday so we'll have to see what the doctor says.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bring on the Night

As I write this post I have a baby in my arms. Apparently we just don't like to cooperate with mommy after the sun goes down. After an extremely long night of screaming, and painful tummy aches (and needing to call for reinforcements AKA Grammy) we went to the doctor. The girls are both continuing to gain weight and are otrherwise perfectly healthy. Their green poop, and discomfort through the night seems to be a virus. I'm not convinced and am planning to cut out some potentially offensive foods to see if that will help. It's also possible we have some colicky new additions to our clan (I could so do without that). The doc said we'll hasve to wait a few more days to see if a pattern emerges to determine that. So while we wait to get things sorted out, I've decided to embrace the night and take the opportunity to catch up on my blog as well as email. If I'm having to nap all day anyway I might as well find a way to enjoy the darkness. Hey, if you're a night owl and feel like chatting let me know, I'll give you a call!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wishing Away?

Sleepless nights suck! I have to say that I am so ready for these girls to get their schedules together, and to start sleeping consistantly at night. They seem to be very fussy and uncomfortable at night. The miracle blanket doesn't seem to be working any miracles. They don't get out of the swaddle which is great, but they aren't sleeping any better with them. I sit in the rocker at night, eyes bleeding from lack of sleep, and keep telling myself that this will pass and soon they will sleep better. I feel like I am wishig time away, but it's so hard to enjoy this time when you are so tired. I long for a little normalcy. I miss hanging out with Tim at the end of the day and catching our favorite shows. Our DVR is so full at the moment! I am so sick of being upstairs and having to nap throughout the day just to survive. I know I will look back on these days, will it be with fondness or greatfulness that it's over??!!!

Two Week Check -Up

We had our two week check on Monday and I must say I am really proud that both girls weighed in at 5lbs. 9oz. The doctors want babies to get back to their birth weight by this check and they exceeded that expectation! It is really awesome to know that I am giving them what they need to grow. It makes the sleepless nights a little more worth it. I hope to continue to have plenty of milk and to make breastfeeding work for all of us.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

No Instant Miracle

There was no miracle in my house last night! We got the blankets washed them and started using them right away. They are super easy to use and you definately get them swaddled and they can't get out. However, we still had a problem with them trying to get out. This led to much grunting and frustrated screams. We kept them in there figuring they will eventually just give up. That didn't happen last night, but hopefully in a few days. The package did mention that babies might be fussy when you first start using the blanket but after a week they "will relax at the sight of the blanket" - we'll see...

Of course they are sound asleep as I write this. I have decided to open the blinds, not be so quiet and see if we can get them to have more awake peiods during the day. We need to start helping them tell day from night. The problem with this is that I may not get to nap as much. I'll have to get my helpers to take them downstairs if I really need to sleep and just hope they catch their hunger cues before they are going nuts to eat!

I just keep reminding myself that in a few weeks this will pass.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Up All Night

So, we've been home about a week now. I can honestly saw I hadn't really gotten my head around how tough the nights would be. The girls just seem to take turns being fussy at night - so much fun for mom and dad! They seem to get real annoyed at being swaddled. They just grunt and fuss until they break out! Thank God they don't wake each other up. I really think there were at least two nights where I maybe got an hour or two of sleep. I'm so glad that I have mastered nursing both girls at the same time. I have become skilled at sleeping in the rocker feeding them. That has given me a little more time to sleep, (theoretically). We just need to get these girls to stay awake a little more during the day and sleep more at night. We just purchased something called the Miracle Blanket to swaddle the little houdinis. We're hoping it will help us get more rest tonight - we'll see...

Tim goes back to work on Monday. My mom will be here, so that will be great. We have worked out a schedule at night that allows Tim to catch some zzz's downstairs, and then he comes up later to help me. I have luckily gotten down a routine where I can get both changed and feeding by myself.
Right now I am upstairs most of the day so I can rest. The real fun will begin when we move this show downstairs during the day and I have to learn how to balance the babies and Tadhg. Thank God for helpers as we make these transitions!
The troops are stirring - could it be time to eat again already??

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Little Guy

I never expected to be filled with such emotion over managing my time between the new babies and Tadhg. I am brought to tears often these days just looking at him. Yes, it probably has a lot to do with hormones and lack of sleep, but I really miss him. Since February I have had to have help with him and haven't been able to pick him up. We had to stop our music classes, and I wasn't able to take him to swimming lessons. I know with time things will return to a more "normal" routine and I will be able to get back to spending time with him. I just hope I will be able to find that balance between his sisters and him.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little Miracles, Watched by Angels

The truely amazing thing about having these two little girls is the fact that they have their angel sisters watching over them. What are the chances that we would conceive two sets of fraternal girl twins? It really blows our minds. What's even more incredible is that Maura and Ciara were born on their big sister's due date! Is that a sign from above or what? Some have asked how I feel about these babies being girls. I'm thrilled that we have two healthy babies, I don't really connect the two sets because they are four seperate people. I do have a fear that others will not see it as such and might look at Maura and Ciara as replacements for what we lost. I guess we will just have to deal with those comments as they happen, if they happen. Regardless, we feel truely blessed. When our children are old enough to understand we will share the story of their sisters and celebrate their short lives.