Saturday, July 25, 2009

Alone, For the First Time

This week started with a photo shoot with Heather Owens for the girls birthday. We had great weather and were able to get a great family picture, a generational shot with my mom, and some individuals of the kiddos. I've only seen a few previews via Facebook but so far they look awesome as always. We need to start thinking about booking for the holidays! Since my mom stayed over on Friday night in anticipation of the shoot we took advantage of a babysitter and had our monthly date night. We tried out Bonefish Grill about which we'd heard great things. We had a yummy dinner and I had a glass of even yummier white sangria! Ahhhhhh!!!!

Sunday started with Tadhg's special one on one time. He decided to try mini golf with daddy which he really seemed to enjoy as he talked about it for several days and has been asking to do it again every morning! We headed to the pool for a bit which unfortunately was cut short because Maura was way too tired to hang so we could have dinner. She decided to play during nap time so she was a little cranky! Ciara tried out the spring float we have and was just cruising all over the baby pool on her tippy toes - loved it! We had margaritas with our fun neighbors and Tadhg got to play with their daughter Kasey. So, all in all not too bad for having to cut it short.

Monday marked my first day of my first week all alone with the kiddos. Ms. Ann left for her trip home to Ireland and my mom and dad were preparing for their Tuesday departure to Alaska with my father's siblings and their spouses. Surprisingly, I managed to get all the laundry done and put away. We got outside for a walk to enjoy some fresh air. I was feeling rather empowered to get it all done all by myself!

Tuesday we went to the library in the morning, and then I hosted a little ice cream party which I totally forgot about until a minivan pulled into my driveway and a few kids tumbled out! Luckily, I had ice cream in the freezer we forgot about at the girls' birthday and the moms brought toppings. A few scoops and sprinkles later the kids were in heaven! It was a nice break since we hung out at home all day.

Wednesday I decided to take the kids to Chik -fil-A for lunch. It was a little tough maneuvering the double stroller through the doors, but everything went well and we enjoyed some lunch before heading to the super Walmart to pick up a few groceries. This is the one thing I miss about not having help - getting a full grocery trip done. If I didn't have help I'd have to shop in the evenings or on the weekends. It really is nice to have the help!

Thursday I dropped Tadhg for a morning of "Nature Camp" with my Severna Park Mom's Club. I was really anxious to see how he would handle a drop off situation as we start to prepare him for nursery school this fall. I am thrilled to say he did great! He didn't bat an eyelash, gave me a quick kiss, then off I went. The report was that he did really well. Perhaps his starting nursery school will be harder on me then him!

Friday I decided to take the kids to Kohl's so I could exchange a birthday gift for the girls and try to find some running shoes for myself. Not too bad, except that shoe shopping didn't work so well with the double stroller and three year old removing shoe boxes from the shelves to see what was inside! That I will have to do alone!

All in all a pretty good week. I am happy to say that we survived, and I even managed to get a few things done! I will be ready to cut back to having help only two days in the fall. At least so Tadhg and I can do music classes and I can get errands done alone or with only one child!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Way, Way Too Long!

Okay, it's been like six months since I last posted. I have decided that my original plan to post every day (what was I thinking) is just too ambitious and overwhelming. Besides, I just don't do enough exciting stuff to keep up a blog day to day. So, I have decided to post weekly. With that being said, I will try to give an overview of the past six months - at least the major happenings.


Tadhg turned three on the 23rd and we had a Blue's Clues themed party with just family and a couple of neighbors. I do think he enjoyed the spotlight for a few days!


We had our first overnight at my parents for Easter. We proved it could be done, with tons of stuff, but it can be done! The girls did very well. They fell asleep better and took longer naps then at our house! Tadhg had fun with Pop Pop playing with the trains. All in all a great first overnight visit. The week after Easter Ciara ended up in the hospital with a serious UTI. Her fever shot up to 106.5 - scary to say the least! She has been diagnosed with urinary reflux and will have more tests and specialist visits in the months ahead. Right now she is on a nightly dose of antibiotics to prevent another UTI. Mommy was overnight and daddy manned the the rest of the troops with lots of help from one of out angels, Ms. Ann, as well as Grammy. Thank God for our helpers!


We started out this month with a weekend to Philly. We got to leave the state of Maryland with the clan, and I enjoyed some Mommy time at my future sister -in-law's bridal shower. We got to visit with some friends and family up there, since many were anxious to see the girls.


This was a huge month for us as the 30th marked the girls' first birthday! We survived the first year! We had a huge BBQ to celebrate and were thrilled to have so many family and friends here to help us toast their first year.


We started out with a July 4th celebration at my parents', and then the next weekend trekked up to the Jersey shore for a couple of nights. We were hosted by our soon to be sister -in- law, Erika, her father and step-mother. We had great weather, but unfortunately Tadhg had a double ear infection which made him a little moody. Hopefully, it was just this that made him want to stay as far away from the water as possible!

Now I can properly start my weekly posts now that everyone's pretty much up to speed!