Friday, July 24, 2009

Way, Way Too Long!

Okay, it's been like six months since I last posted. I have decided that my original plan to post every day (what was I thinking) is just too ambitious and overwhelming. Besides, I just don't do enough exciting stuff to keep up a blog day to day. So, I have decided to post weekly. With that being said, I will try to give an overview of the past six months - at least the major happenings.


Tadhg turned three on the 23rd and we had a Blue's Clues themed party with just family and a couple of neighbors. I do think he enjoyed the spotlight for a few days!


We had our first overnight at my parents for Easter. We proved it could be done, with tons of stuff, but it can be done! The girls did very well. They fell asleep better and took longer naps then at our house! Tadhg had fun with Pop Pop playing with the trains. All in all a great first overnight visit. The week after Easter Ciara ended up in the hospital with a serious UTI. Her fever shot up to 106.5 - scary to say the least! She has been diagnosed with urinary reflux and will have more tests and specialist visits in the months ahead. Right now she is on a nightly dose of antibiotics to prevent another UTI. Mommy was overnight and daddy manned the the rest of the troops with lots of help from one of out angels, Ms. Ann, as well as Grammy. Thank God for our helpers!


We started out this month with a weekend to Philly. We got to leave the state of Maryland with the clan, and I enjoyed some Mommy time at my future sister -in-law's bridal shower. We got to visit with some friends and family up there, since many were anxious to see the girls.


This was a huge month for us as the 30th marked the girls' first birthday! We survived the first year! We had a huge BBQ to celebrate and were thrilled to have so many family and friends here to help us toast their first year.


We started out with a July 4th celebration at my parents', and then the next weekend trekked up to the Jersey shore for a couple of nights. We were hosted by our soon to be sister -in- law, Erika, her father and step-mother. We had great weather, but unfortunately Tadhg had a double ear infection which made him a little moody. Hopefully, it was just this that made him want to stay as far away from the water as possible!

Now I can properly start my weekly posts now that everyone's pretty much up to speed!

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