Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting Fit at Home

So, we are going to have a little extra money here in a few weeks if all goes well. So, there's been some discussion about things we would like to purchase. We talked about a gym membership, but it was just such a waste in the past. We are considering a few things, an elliptical, a spinning bike, or the Wii Fit. I love getting out to walk the three mornings that I do it, but there's four other days of the week and I want to get moving on those days, too. We came to the realization that we would rather just get our workouts done, or at least started in the time it would take to drive to and from the gym (30 min. round trip). I know gyms offer so many different classes and such, but we were so bad about taking advantage of that in the past. Plus, I just know I would be too paranoid during flu season to have the kiddos in the daycare with all the other germy little people. So, I think we just need to come to an agreement on what we both would like to have. I vote for an elliptical and the Wii Fit to really keep things interesting.

Mommy Time

I left my babies. Actually, I just went away for a long weekend. Tim had one last voucher with Southwest (he's not traveling anymore) and I asked him if I could use it to visit one of my oldest friends in Denver. He agreed months ago so I finally took the trip. It was a wonderful weekend with no schedules to keep, just time to enjoy the company of other adults, go hiking, get a mani/pedi, do a little shopping, some eating out, and visiting with my wonderful sis-in-law! I really missed my babies, but they were in good hands with Grammy, Pop-pop, Daddy, Grandmom, Grandad, and Ms. Ann. There was a bit of coordinating to make it all work, but it happened, and everyone survived! I feel rejuvenated, and am happy to be home to my wonderful life. Daddy gets a weekend away next weekend so hopefully he gets to relax and enjoy as much as I did!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall is Here

Well summer is officially over and we are into our new routine. Tadhg has started nursery school two mornings a week and absolutely LOVES it! The girls are keeping me hopping as they have started walking (read: running), and are down to only one nap a day. Along with the challange of one nap a day Tadhg has decided to stop napping. He is actually doing really well with mandatory "quiet time", and I am actually able to get some things done and feel like I am getting a break. The girls have started Music Together, which they are really enjoying. We only have help two days a week, which has made planning much more important. I am learning to really budget my time by using Google Calendar. I actually have lunch and cleaning scheduled! Believe me, it seems a bit excessive, but I actually find I get it done when I have it on my calendar (and I get pop-ups to remind me). I have been making even more time for myself by waking early three days a week to walk with a neighbor. I am just way too spent at the end of the day to even think about exercise. Though I don't consider myself a morning person, getting up at 6:00am is the only way my butt is going to burn any extra calories!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

August Vacation

Do I even bother? It has been almost two months since our vacation, but I feel the need to fill you folks in on our "relaxing" week in Bethany Beach. Our car was jam packed with stuff, not surprising with the three kiddos. To save space we rented cribs to be delivered to the rental property. We arrived around five in the evening, expecting the cribs to be there. They were not. Gave the rental company a call to find out it could be as late as eight pm before we had the cribs delivered. So not a relaxing way to start our vacation. Three very tired, cranky babies, ready for bed around 6:00 pm, and NO cribs! By the time we got the cribs the kids were all screaming and we were wondering why we even bothered leaving Severna Park!
I'm happy to say that that was the worst of the week! Both our parents came down for a couple of nights which gave us extra hands all through the week. Tim and I were able to get out for a couple of date nights. All in all not a bad way to spend the week. However, we are considering a "staycation" next year. The kids are just not that interested in the ocean yet, so we figure we'll enjoy some local sights and mommy and daddy will get away for a long weekend sans kiddos! Now that sounds relaxing!