Thursday, September 24, 2009

August Vacation

Do I even bother? It has been almost two months since our vacation, but I feel the need to fill you folks in on our "relaxing" week in Bethany Beach. Our car was jam packed with stuff, not surprising with the three kiddos. To save space we rented cribs to be delivered to the rental property. We arrived around five in the evening, expecting the cribs to be there. They were not. Gave the rental company a call to find out it could be as late as eight pm before we had the cribs delivered. So not a relaxing way to start our vacation. Three very tired, cranky babies, ready for bed around 6:00 pm, and NO cribs! By the time we got the cribs the kids were all screaming and we were wondering why we even bothered leaving Severna Park!
I'm happy to say that that was the worst of the week! Both our parents came down for a couple of nights which gave us extra hands all through the week. Tim and I were able to get out for a couple of date nights. All in all not a bad way to spend the week. However, we are considering a "staycation" next year. The kids are just not that interested in the ocean yet, so we figure we'll enjoy some local sights and mommy and daddy will get away for a long weekend sans kiddos! Now that sounds relaxing!

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