Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mommy Time

I left my babies. Actually, I just went away for a long weekend. Tim had one last voucher with Southwest (he's not traveling anymore) and I asked him if I could use it to visit one of my oldest friends in Denver. He agreed months ago so I finally took the trip. It was a wonderful weekend with no schedules to keep, just time to enjoy the company of other adults, go hiking, get a mani/pedi, do a little shopping, some eating out, and visiting with my wonderful sis-in-law! I really missed my babies, but they were in good hands with Grammy, Pop-pop, Daddy, Grandmom, Grandad, and Ms. Ann. There was a bit of coordinating to make it all work, but it happened, and everyone survived! I feel rejuvenated, and am happy to be home to my wonderful life. Daddy gets a weekend away next weekend so hopefully he gets to relax and enjoy as much as I did!

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