Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Whinies

Having an eighteen month old is challenging in more ways than one. The latest frustration is Tadhg learning to talk. He has been whining soooo much! He knows some sign language, but he's just not always so good at using it. I can totally understand how as parents we could easily "train" our children to whine. You can usually tell what it is they want, so you just hand it over so you can get some peace and quiet. Well you've just conditioned your little one to WHINE! Once I had this realization I was on a mission to not give in to the whining. I have to say it has been working. I am encouraging him to use signs, or his "words". Most of the time he is using signs or even a word or two. He has started shouting when he sees something that interests him which makes for very interesting trips to the store. I'm sure you can hear him scream at the other end from where we are. And, funniest thing about his first words is that he won't use small everyday words like : eat, drink, please, milk, etc. He has been saying the following, and I kid you not; lawnmower, yellow, vacuum. I mean, come on! I'm proud and everything but the everyday words would help with the whinies!!
I have this feeling I should be afraid of what I wish for. Soon he is just going to start talking, big words and little and I won't know what to do with him!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Too Long!!

Ohhhhh, it's been too long! We are finally in the house and getting into a normal routine. We have internet after weeks of being disconnected (which explains my hiatus). Our weekends pretty much consist of trying to hang pictures, or get the house together while working around naps and a toddler! We are getting there, though, slowly but surely. We plan to have a little housewarming/holiday gathering in early December. I'm looking forward to it because when we're ready for that it means the house is finally in order!
It has been interesting to get the house unpacked with my little guy running around wanting attention just because we are trying to get stuff done. It's amazing the things you take for granted sans kidos! I am also trying to master the art of getting dinner on the table with a toddler. I have found that having an arsenal of stuff in the freezer, using my best friend the crock pot, and cooking a big meal on Sunday so I can use the leftovers later has really helped me maintain my sanity. So is the life of a mommy!
I better get going because naptime will soon be over!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mother Love

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted. I have been busy this last week painting the house, and getting it ready for our move this Saturday. As I've been away at the house it brings me to my latest obsession - guilt for leaving Tadhg for the whole day, several days in a row. I can tell he misses me. The first night he was up and only wanted me. I ended up sleeping with him in the extra bed in his room. I have to admit I really miss him when I'm away. I am so torn between getting some time to myself and being away from him. It's like the start of a new romance when you are so into someone that you want to be with them every minute, but you know you need to give them space and give yourself space to be yourself and not get caught up in the relationship. It really amazes me how much being a mother is like having a romantic relationship. You fall in love with someone and you want to take care of them, make them happy, put them first, spend your free time with them. It's just crazy to me. I never thought it would be like this. I knew I would love him but I never realized just how intense it could be! I thought it would be so simple to put my marriage first, to get out for a regular date night - do all the things you should do as a couple. But it is so hard to tear yourself away from this wonderful little person! I am working on it little by little. And it does get easier and I believe it is good for him too. But, the next three days he's coming with me to the house... :-)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We Survived!!!

Well, we got home yesterday, and we survived. Tadhg was actually a great little traveler - better than we could have ever expected. We gave him some Benydryl on the ride over and he slept for about 2-3 hours. I was even able to eat while he slept! Shocker!! He adjusted really quickly to the time change. He took a little snooze on the two hour drive from the airport to Killarney. He went to bed early without a single peep, and slept until 10:30 am. We had to wake him up! He was so tired and seemed like he could have slept even longer. He went down for his nap like a champ and we just went on from there. By the third day he was up at his normal time and down for his naps and bedtime at his normal time, too. He woke up a few times after he went down at night, but nothing major and no sleepless nights.
We had a relaxing time just being disconnected. It was definately a different vacation, as we weren't out at the pubs or taking long excursions. We just did some little trips nearby and worked around the naps. It was enjoyable and Tadhg really seemed to love his time there. I almost think he was a little Irish man in a past life! He slept great, loved being outside, rain or shine, had a voracious appetite, and went nuts for the sheep and cows. We went to a great petting zoo where the animals were just roaming around, as were the children. Tadhg was in his glory, that little animal lover! He kissed a baby goat right on the month. (not sure that's really sanitary, but what are you going to do?) We also, went to his great-grandfather's farm and he loved running and falling in the fields. I think he would be a great farmer!! I will have to post some pictures once I figure out how!! The coolest thing was that everyone recognized his name. We never had to repeat ourselves or correct them, and it just sounds great spoken with an Irish accent. He even got a few cute little nicknames like Tadhgy, and Tadhgeen. The second means "little Tadhg". Tim used to call him that when he was first born - so cute! We were even able to find a personalized toy truck with his name on it!
We had a great time with the cousins and other family, the reunion was really nice.
He did pretty well on the trip home, too. He screamed for about thirty minutes at the beginning of the trip, but after the Benydryl he zonked out for about 3 hours! He went to bed early last night, and was up at 4:30 am! Tim and I were glad we went to sleep at 7:30 pm! So we're all just readjusting and getting excited about the new house!
The termite inspection turned out great and we settle tomorrow! I can't wait!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting Anxious

Okay, we leave tomorrow and I'm starting to feel anxious. I really want to just relax so my anxiety doesn't rub off on Tadhg. I'm just worried that he will scream on the plane and won't sleep while we are away, or that he will totally have his days and nights mixed up the whole time. I realize that worrying won't change anything and it's pretty much out of my control (except of course for the Benydryl). I'm not a totally negative Nelly. I do have fantasies of the way I'd love things to go. It's something like this: He takes a great nap, we get in the car no later than 3:00 and head up to Philly. We check in, go through security, and get a bite to eat. He maybe falls asleep in the stroller and we can get on the plane and settled while he still sleeps (okay, stop laughing!). Or at least we get on the plane, get settled give him Benydryl and he sleeps most of the flight. When we get there he has some awake time and then naps in the car on the two hour drive to Killarney. Then he's pretty much on schedule. A woman can have her fantasies!!

Aside from the vacation worries, we have house stuff going on. Our realtor forgot to schedule the termite inspection when the contract was signed and needed two reminders from my husband before it was scheduled. It happened yesterday and there appears to be some sign of previous treatment. The inspector needs access to a crawl space in order to check. So now the inspector has to go back after the owner gives access, and we have to pay again. so obviously this will all be taking place while we are out of the country.

I feel really bad that this has to be on my husband's mind. He needs a vacation more than anyone I know. The last seven months have been torture for him at work and he's stressed enough with that and now he will have this on his mind while trying to have a relaxing vacation!! UGH!!!

Hopefully all will work out with that and our little guy will be an angel on the trip!

I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Here I Go!

I've been thinking about starting a blog for the past couple of months, and I'm just going to take the plunge!

I begin amidst much chaos in our lives. We have a very active 16 month old boy, we sold our home in May and have been living with my parents, we are traveling with our son to Ireland on Friday (it's his first flight), and when we return we settle on our new home. How's that for complete nuttiness??

So right now I'm trying not to think too much about our trip. Tadhg (Irish for Timothy, pronounced TYG) hasn't been much for flexibility when it comes to being off schedule and doing overnights. He's like clockwork with naptimes and bedtimes and totally prefers his crib to the carseat or stroller. We worked really hard on the sleep training. Mind you, he's not always sleeping through the night, but there's usually no screaming while falling asleep. So it should be very interesting to not be able to use our normal bathtime routine and take this sleepytime in the air! The less I think about it the less stress I feel. My husband and I are not expecting much on this trip. He's just happy to not have to work and I will be happy to have extra hands to give me a little break. His family will be joining us on the trip so that will be nice.

We have our own house the first week of our trip which I'm looking forward to the most - whether Tadhg sleeps or not - having space to ourselves for seven days will be like Heaven! Don't get me wrong, I love my parents, the extra help, and all they are doing for us, but I'm MAXED out!! I'm starting to get cranky and I just want to be in my own place again!!