Monday, September 24, 2007

Too Long!!

Ohhhhh, it's been too long! We are finally in the house and getting into a normal routine. We have internet after weeks of being disconnected (which explains my hiatus). Our weekends pretty much consist of trying to hang pictures, or get the house together while working around naps and a toddler! We are getting there, though, slowly but surely. We plan to have a little housewarming/holiday gathering in early December. I'm looking forward to it because when we're ready for that it means the house is finally in order!
It has been interesting to get the house unpacked with my little guy running around wanting attention just because we are trying to get stuff done. It's amazing the things you take for granted sans kidos! I am also trying to master the art of getting dinner on the table with a toddler. I have found that having an arsenal of stuff in the freezer, using my best friend the crock pot, and cooking a big meal on Sunday so I can use the leftovers later has really helped me maintain my sanity. So is the life of a mommy!
I better get going because naptime will soon be over!

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