Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Whinies

Having an eighteen month old is challenging in more ways than one. The latest frustration is Tadhg learning to talk. He has been whining soooo much! He knows some sign language, but he's just not always so good at using it. I can totally understand how as parents we could easily "train" our children to whine. You can usually tell what it is they want, so you just hand it over so you can get some peace and quiet. Well you've just conditioned your little one to WHINE! Once I had this realization I was on a mission to not give in to the whining. I have to say it has been working. I am encouraging him to use signs, or his "words". Most of the time he is using signs or even a word or two. He has started shouting when he sees something that interests him which makes for very interesting trips to the store. I'm sure you can hear him scream at the other end from where we are. And, funniest thing about his first words is that he won't use small everyday words like : eat, drink, please, milk, etc. He has been saying the following, and I kid you not; lawnmower, yellow, vacuum. I mean, come on! I'm proud and everything but the everyday words would help with the whinies!!
I have this feeling I should be afraid of what I wish for. Soon he is just going to start talking, big words and little and I won't know what to do with him!

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