Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting Anxious

Okay, we leave tomorrow and I'm starting to feel anxious. I really want to just relax so my anxiety doesn't rub off on Tadhg. I'm just worried that he will scream on the plane and won't sleep while we are away, or that he will totally have his days and nights mixed up the whole time. I realize that worrying won't change anything and it's pretty much out of my control (except of course for the Benydryl). I'm not a totally negative Nelly. I do have fantasies of the way I'd love things to go. It's something like this: He takes a great nap, we get in the car no later than 3:00 and head up to Philly. We check in, go through security, and get a bite to eat. He maybe falls asleep in the stroller and we can get on the plane and settled while he still sleeps (okay, stop laughing!). Or at least we get on the plane, get settled give him Benydryl and he sleeps most of the flight. When we get there he has some awake time and then naps in the car on the two hour drive to Killarney. Then he's pretty much on schedule. A woman can have her fantasies!!

Aside from the vacation worries, we have house stuff going on. Our realtor forgot to schedule the termite inspection when the contract was signed and needed two reminders from my husband before it was scheduled. It happened yesterday and there appears to be some sign of previous treatment. The inspector needs access to a crawl space in order to check. So now the inspector has to go back after the owner gives access, and we have to pay again. so obviously this will all be taking place while we are out of the country.

I feel really bad that this has to be on my husband's mind. He needs a vacation more than anyone I know. The last seven months have been torture for him at work and he's stressed enough with that and now he will have this on his mind while trying to have a relaxing vacation!! UGH!!!

Hopefully all will work out with that and our little guy will be an angel on the trip!

I'll keep you posted!

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nicole said...

hey- too late to really help cause you are gone but one a whim you can check this while away I have heard it is best to keep them on their original schedule and trry not to get them to adapt to the time change...just a thought. can't wait to hear of your trip!