Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall is Here

Well summer is officially over and we are into our new routine. Tadhg has started nursery school two mornings a week and absolutely LOVES it! The girls are keeping me hopping as they have started walking (read: running), and are down to only one nap a day. Along with the challange of one nap a day Tadhg has decided to stop napping. He is actually doing really well with mandatory "quiet time", and I am actually able to get some things done and feel like I am getting a break. The girls have started Music Together, which they are really enjoying. We only have help two days a week, which has made planning much more important. I am learning to really budget my time by using Google Calendar. I actually have lunch and cleaning scheduled! Believe me, it seems a bit excessive, but I actually find I get it done when I have it on my calendar (and I get pop-ups to remind me). I have been making even more time for myself by waking early three days a week to walk with a neighbor. I am just way too spent at the end of the day to even think about exercise. Though I don't consider myself a morning person, getting up at 6:00am is the only way my butt is going to burn any extra calories!

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