Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quiet Week

We had a pretty quiet week. We started out with a nice afternoon in the yard. We filled up the baby pool and the kiddos took a little dip. It was nice to hang out with a drink and watch them play.

Tadhg had a follow up to check his double ear infection to be sure it was cleared up. Everything looked great. Wouldn't you know it, he spiked a fever the next day, though it just seems to be a little virus. A little virus that equals a lot of coughing!

After a day or so of no fever we needed a couple of things so I decided to try out the big fancy "car carts" at the Safeway. It wasn't so bad, except that Maura was pretty fussy every time the thing moved! I think it freaked her out to have so much space around her and the bumpy ride didn't help! I really need a double cart cover!

We got out to the library to switch out some books and Tadhg and I participated in the Severna Park Moms club's Spy Camp. Really cute to see the kiddos walking around the yard in huge sunglasses, using their magnifying glasses to look for clues. Lots of fun!

In the midst of this slow week I decided to start working out in the mornings. I have started to do a walk/jog every other morning for about 30 minutes. I'm getting out around 6:30 am, and am back and showered just in time for the monkeys to get up. I have to say it's tough getting out of bed, but I feel great and full of energy all day - which I really need!

With all my new found energy I managed to start packing for our vacation next week. I'm really looking forward to a week at the beach!

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