Saturday, July 12, 2008

Up All Night

So, we've been home about a week now. I can honestly saw I hadn't really gotten my head around how tough the nights would be. The girls just seem to take turns being fussy at night - so much fun for mom and dad! They seem to get real annoyed at being swaddled. They just grunt and fuss until they break out! Thank God they don't wake each other up. I really think there were at least two nights where I maybe got an hour or two of sleep. I'm so glad that I have mastered nursing both girls at the same time. I have become skilled at sleeping in the rocker feeding them. That has given me a little more time to sleep, (theoretically). We just need to get these girls to stay awake a little more during the day and sleep more at night. We just purchased something called the Miracle Blanket to swaddle the little houdinis. We're hoping it will help us get more rest tonight - we'll see...

Tim goes back to work on Monday. My mom will be here, so that will be great. We have worked out a schedule at night that allows Tim to catch some zzz's downstairs, and then he comes up later to help me. I have luckily gotten down a routine where I can get both changed and feeding by myself.
Right now I am upstairs most of the day so I can rest. The real fun will begin when we move this show downstairs during the day and I have to learn how to balance the babies and Tadhg. Thank God for helpers as we make these transitions!
The troops are stirring - could it be time to eat again already??

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