Monday, July 21, 2008

Bring on the Night

As I write this post I have a baby in my arms. Apparently we just don't like to cooperate with mommy after the sun goes down. After an extremely long night of screaming, and painful tummy aches (and needing to call for reinforcements AKA Grammy) we went to the doctor. The girls are both continuing to gain weight and are otrherwise perfectly healthy. Their green poop, and discomfort through the night seems to be a virus. I'm not convinced and am planning to cut out some potentially offensive foods to see if that will help. It's also possible we have some colicky new additions to our clan (I could so do without that). The doc said we'll hasve to wait a few more days to see if a pattern emerges to determine that. So while we wait to get things sorted out, I've decided to embrace the night and take the opportunity to catch up on my blog as well as email. If I'm having to nap all day anyway I might as well find a way to enjoy the darkness. Hey, if you're a night owl and feel like chatting let me know, I'll give you a call!

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Rick Brown said...

From a mother of 2 collicky children, I can so relate. However, mine were 2 years apart. I'm so happy you have extra help right now. Your sanity depends on it. Ian's baby years are a blur anymore because I was so tired. I feel bad about that, but life marches on. And when your babies start sleeping through the night you will have your own story written down so at least you can look back if you don't remember any of it. Take care of yourself.