Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wishing Away?

Sleepless nights suck! I have to say that I am so ready for these girls to get their schedules together, and to start sleeping consistantly at night. They seem to be very fussy and uncomfortable at night. The miracle blanket doesn't seem to be working any miracles. They don't get out of the swaddle which is great, but they aren't sleeping any better with them. I sit in the rocker at night, eyes bleeding from lack of sleep, and keep telling myself that this will pass and soon they will sleep better. I feel like I am wishig time away, but it's so hard to enjoy this time when you are so tired. I long for a little normalcy. I miss hanging out with Tim at the end of the day and catching our favorite shows. Our DVR is so full at the moment! I am so sick of being upstairs and having to nap throughout the day just to survive. I know I will look back on these days, will it be with fondness or greatfulness that it's over??!!!

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Holly Tried It said...

I feel for you! You must be soo tired! I think it's great that you are using the night to do something you enjoy--blogging. I loved the Miracle Blanket. If I were you, which I'm not, I would keep using it. Your twins will get used to it and soon it will become a cue to go to sleep. Especially after they are feeling better. Poor little babies. Poor little mama!