Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We've Come So Far!

Wow! I can't believe I haven't updated my blog since October! (I actually can because it's just so busy here) The girls have settled into more of a routine which is nice. They still fuss/cry as they fall asleep. I've accepted that to be the way they fall asleep. They are smiling and laughing and getting ready to crawl! It has been so much fun to watch Tadhg develop a relationship with his sisters. He loves to make them laugh by jumping up and down, and blowing raspberries. They just crack up! You can just see how attached he is getting and it's so sweet. Today I had to take the "girlies" (as they are known around here, thanks to big brother) up for their nap. Tadhg was finishing his lunch. From upstairs I hear wailing and am thinking he had fallen out of his chair or something. After he was calm enough to explain he told me "he forgot to say good night to the girlies". I mean how stinkin' cute! He was so upset! So before he went in for his rest he stood outside their door (they were already asleep) and whispered "goodnight, Ciara, goodnight Maura, I love you". It brings tears to the eyes!

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Mandy said...

Hey Nat! It's Mandy. I just have to say that Jacob does the same thing if he doesn't say goodnite to Rylie, nap or bedtime. I love how much he loves her and she worships him! It makes it all worth it! :>)