Monday, June 30, 2008

They're Here!

Last night I had a very restless sleep and after getting up and weighing myself I anounced to my husband that I didn't think my body could handle another pound. Funny, too because I gained five more with my son - go figure! So I started about my day (slowly, very slowly), getting Tadhg his breakfast and then planted my self on my couch while I awaited a dear friend who has been helping out with Tadhg a couple of days a week since February. I felt a couple of Braxton-Hicks contractions and didn't think much of them as they were a frequent occurance. A little while later it occured to me that they were happening more frequently and were becoming painful. I had an appointment at my OB that afternoon but though I'd better call. So I do and they tell me to come to Labor and Delivery. So I scramble to call my husband and see if anyone close by could take me to the hospital (crazy me wanted to drive myself but the nurse said I shouldn't). Tim gets home around lunchtime and we grab our bags kiss our son and head off. Thank goodness I have had help since I had a cerclage put in in February, not having to find someone for my son was one less thing to worry about. Now mind you I am not really thinking we're going to have these babies, I'm only 34 weeks. I'd been told I probably wouldn't make it to my scheduled C-section but my personal goal was to make it to 35 weeks. Well, those little girls had other plans. I was indeed in labor, they tried to see if contractions would stop with IV fluids. My labor became inactive and we were given the choice to go home and come back when they became more intense or, (the doctor's recommendation) to deliver that night. While we were concerned that it may be too early, and not wanting to have our babies in NICU if they were too early, we finally decided we'd go with the doctor's recommendation. I'm so glad we did because I couldn't imagine how on edge we would have been waiting for things to become more intense. Good thing too, because when the doctor removed my cerclage, I was 4 cm dilated - they were coming that night either way!

And so they did, we welcomed our beautiful little girls at 8:23pm and 8:25pm.
Maura Christine weighed 5lbs. 1oz, 18 inches
Ciara Anne weighed 5lbs. 3oz., 18 inches

They were healthy and didn't need to go to the NICU - pretty amazing for 34 weekers!

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